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Students, clinical professionals, gemologists and hobbyists will all appreciate Microscope World’s rich inventory of microscopes. Microscope World offers everything from entry-level stereo microscopes to sophisticated digital microscopes outfitted to link up with your computer. Thanks to an easy-to-navigate site, great stock and committed customer support, we had no qualms about making Microsoft World the TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award winner in our microscope stores review.

Standout Features

  • Compound, stereo and digital microscopes
  • Specialized microscopes for different fields
  • Information center and microscope blog
  • Microscope accessories and educational materials available


Whether you’re a hobbyist exploring your local flora with the help of a 10x zoom and dissecting tools or a clinical professional looking for the cutting edge in lighting and magnification technologies, Microscope World will have something for you. In addition to basic stereo and compound microscopes, Microscope World’s inventory includes digital microscopes, forensic microscopes, gout microscopes, industrial microscopes, metallurgical microscopes, polarizing microscopes and other professional grade optics systems. If you’re looking for objectives, filters, photo adapters, software, slides or other odds and ends, Microsoft World counts hundreds of microscope accessories on their site. Unless you’re singlehandedly mapping the human genome or attempting to view subatomic particles, Microscope World will most likely have a microscope and accessories to suit your needs.

Microscope World’s inventory owes a lot of its strength to the quality brands represented. We were particularly happy to see Meiji microscopes on Microscope World. Microscope World also sells digital camera adapters by Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus and other respected photography specialists.

Site Features

Microscope World allows you to browse microscopes by brand, category or manufacturer. It is irritating that you can’t sort items by price but that is a minor complaint. You should be able to zero in on the microscope that fits your needs using the tools the site offers.

Microscope World’s blog has been up and running for a few months and is an informative resource, particularly for amateurs and hobbyists. Microscope World’s blog is a pleasant diversion, but if you’re looking for technical information and useful resources, the website features one of the best learning centers we encountered amongst microscope stores and their websites. Even if you’re a relative newbie, Microscope World has detailed resources on cleaning, maintaining, calibrating and otherwise using a microscope. If you’re unsure of what type of microscope or camera you’re interested in, Microscope World has galleries detailing images captured on different microscopes with different cameras as well.

Support and Shipping

Microscope World accepts credit card, phone and check or money order payments. When it comes to a serious purchase like a microscope, it’s nice to have the comfort of Microscope World’s 30-day return policy as well. We’re pleased to note that Microscope World ships internationally, but international customers should know in advance that they are required to make a payment via bank wire and this is a typical process used by online microscope stores. Microscope World ships via UPS. All Microscope World shipments are insured against damage and loss.


The Microscope World site still seems outdated comparatively and lacks a way to narrow searches by price, but their product inventory more than makes up for the shortcoming. For professionals and amateurs alike, Microscope World features a superb lineup of compound, stereo and digital microscopes. Clinical professionals, industrial scientists and scholars will have no problem finding the high tech accessories they need on Microscope World.

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